Cuba Ministry Facilitators
Cuba Ministry Facilitators
Why Travel to Cuba?
Your Mission in Cuba
to Cuba can be educatonal, fun, spiritually building and a
positive influence on the Cuban Church. It gives
individuals an opportunity to understand issues beyond
Our Cuba ministry services are structured so that you
what is communicated by the media. Through OAA,
can collectvely gain a firsthand experience of
travelers are personally linked with churches and
people, churches, and ministries involved in
organizatons from around Cuba
important issues in Cuba today
Travelers experience first-hand the hardships of those
We can help you arrange all lodging, transportaton
living in this area but through travel individuals positvely
and custom itnerary for your stay. Our local
impact the lives of those they meet.
partner’s diverse itneraries may incorporate
meetngs, on-site visits and interactons with church
It is an opportunity to travel to various cites towns and
leaders, seminary professors and lay leaders who
small village communites to dialogue with those involved
have a strong impact in the religious community.
in issues important to you: from health educaton,
Whether a university, a church, a professional group
humanitarian, social and religion.
or a group of like-minded people, OAA will help
organize the best missionary experience for YOU!
Sample Itinerary
Day 1 - Arrival. Guide & Translator (if needed) will pick up group
at airport and take them to a Casa Partcular (Cuban equivalent
of Bed & Breakfast)
Day 2 - Local atractons actvites
Day 3 - Local atractons actvites
Local atractons actvites can include: Natonal museum,
capital building, University of Havana, Malecon and beaches
(ex. Varadero)
Day 4 - Outreach Visits
Day 5 - Outreach Visits
Ministry Visits can include: Churches, Seminaries, Children &
elderly ministry
Humanitarian aid can be delivered to ministries in these days if
group chooses to bring in aid (such as vitamins, laptops, etc.)
Day 6 - Optonal for Ministry Visit or Tourist ctvites
Day 7 - Departure
Frequently Asked Questions
How can OAA help help me travel to Cuba legally?
OAA provides travelers with the informaton and documents
needed in order to facilitate legal short term mission trips to
How long would it take to set up a trip with OAA
Planning a trip with OAA help usually takes about 6 weeks,
depending on the complexites of your trip (tme frame, group
size, etc.)
What defines/qualifies me as a humanitarian traveler?
OAA will qualify individuals who share the same desire to
provide humanitarian help to those in Cuba. Upon qualificaton
from OAA each traveler must agree to act as an aid courier,
bringing vitamins supplied by the ministry to deliver.
What kinds of ministries would I visit with OAA?
OAA works with many ministries throughout the island of Cuba.
These ministries include orphanages, elderly homes, pregnancy
help centers, etc.
What are some tps for first-tme travelers to Cuba?
Educate yourself about the island and its restrictons
Prepare financially for your trip (credit cards won’t work in Cuba)
void traveling alone
Pack light, comfortable clothing
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation “ - Mark 16:15
Churches collaborating and moving
together in action with one com-
mon objective: SPREAD THE