Sustainable Development
Areas of Work: Empower Vulnerable Communities; Educate and
Develop Youth & the Disabled; Civil Society Strengthening; and
Self Employment Development.
OAA serves vulnerable people in the Americas Region through sustainable community
development. OAA knows that building strong communities requires engaging people
of diverse backgrounds and ages in a community and empowering them to face a wide
Key Goals
range of development challenges. This is why OAA develops programs that include
capacity-building classes, training and awareness-raising of key issues that are relevant
* Provide disadvantaged
to communities. These include violence, child and youth exploitation, human rights,
youth with tools for
employment and productivity and many others.
productive employment, and
provide tools to increase
Empowering Civic Society and Communities
OAA has extensive experience strengthening civil society organizations throughout the
Americas, building the capacity of local faith-based organizations (FBOs) and
* Improve technical training
municipalities by working alongside them to face many issues. This approach has
for disadvantaged youth.
developed much needed leadership and improved how organizations tackle community
challenges. OAA also provides technical assistance and other resources which helps
* Increase youth impact by
communities tackle local problems with efficiency, effectiveness and transparency,
forming leaders through
enabling grassroots democracy to grow.
education and leadership
Youth Development
Many youth in The America’s Region are confronted with situations where they are out
* Build strong communities
of school, out of work, and deprived of a chance to gain the independence and the
by empowering them to face a
opportunity they seek for self-advancement. As a strong advocate for youth, OAA works
wide range of development
with local communities to ensure that they become stronger and more dynamic by
challenges and with programs
providing the necessary protection and the right tools for them to succeed. This is why
that improve the quality of
our initiatives focus on several areas, including: employment generation, leadership
training, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, crime and violence
prevention, and civic participation.
Employment Initiatives
Employment generation is one of OAA’s main priorities to enable self-reliance. Using a variety of approaches, our
programs help support self-employment and small businesses, provide skills training to youth and vulnerable people, and
improve agricultural conditions and techniques. To assure maximum benefits, we work with local churches and residents
who are disadvantaged because of economic disparity, civil conflict, racial, religious, or ethnic prejudices, and lack of
access to basic opportunities. We ensure that our programs create the essential conditions for sustainable economic
Leadership Training
The Solomon Project provides innovative resources, leadership training, and support to youth in Cuba. Since we started
The Solomon Project, we have distributed a large number of laptops and e-tablets to seven facilities in Cuba. The units
are loaded with software that includes more material than available in an entire educational seminary. Thousands of
student, teachers, pastors, and lay leaders have shared the electronic library.
OAA has 24 years of experience and good results in the areas of civil society building, supporting human rights,
leadership development, organizational capacity building, food security, and youth programs. We are
motivated by our faith.