Areas of Work: Through the implementation of Relief, Advocacy
and Development key programs & interventions, OAA partners
with local faith-based organizations.
Our partnerships help define how we do things differently. We strongly believe that
our ministry’s success is hinged on relationships. It's what gives our work meaning.
We believe that we can only reach our full potential and have the greatest impact by
Key Goals
operating in community—sharing knowledge, skills, and support with one another.
OAA has built a strong network of faith-based and development partners (FBOs) in
* Provide leadership and
Latin America and the Caribbean. For 24 years OAA has strengthened civil society
organizational capacity to
organizations to manage humanitarian aid and development initiatives for vulnerable
local faith-based partners.
populations, including in countries with authoritarian governments such as Cuba.
FBOs can be a platform for social mobilization. Churches bring people together in
* Provide interfaith dialogue
ways no other organization can. They are close to the people they serve and foster
and networking opportunities
committed relationships.
for local faith-based partners
and North American donors
We partner with local faith-based partners
(FBOs) to help vulnerable and
and service providers.
disadvantaged children and families to alleviate their suffering and improve their
dignity and quality of life. FBOs play a crucial role in community service delivery,
* Facilitate training of staff on
civil society development, and even political reform that advances democracy. FBOs
USG Executive Order 13279.
provide services that the government cannot, or may not for budgetary reasons, are
permanently embedded in communities, and offer the best solutions for sustainability
* Provide distribution and
managing programs for vulnerable youth, elderly & the disabled care, and others.
impact reports to in-kind
support partners.
Rules for FBO Involvement
Under its USG-funded projects, OAA and its sub-partners comply with USAID
*Create strategic agreements
guidance referred to as the “Rule” for Participation by Religious Organizations first
with key non-profit and
issued in 2004 and amended in 2016. The Rule implements USAID regulations in
corporate partners to
furtherance of Executive Order 13279, Equal Protection of the Laws for Faith-Based
accomplish the Americas
and Community Organizations (FBCOs) and Executive Order 13559, Fundamental
Relief Team mission.
Principles and Policymaking Criteria for Partnerships with Faith-Based and Other
Neighborhood Organizations.
Other Important Partnerships
Over the years we have served as a bridge for various service organizations such as Orphans Heart, Young Life, East
West Ministries, Alpha International, World Impact, Hope 4 Kids, and many more, who wanted to expand ministry
activities into Cuba. In Cuba, our network extends across the entire Island Country in partnership with all the independent
Evangelical denominations and educational seminaries.
Our collaborative hurricane relief efforts continues in disaster zones where we partner with FedEx, American Airlines,
Miami International Airport, The International Red Cross, USAID, The National Christian Foundation of South Florida,
The U.S. Caribbean Strong Relief Fund (of The Miami Foundation), and others.
Recently we strengthened our partnership for humanitarian aid and in-kind support with Feed My Starving Children,
Mathew 25 Ministries, Feeding the Nations, Harvest international, Vitamin Angels, T.E.C.H and ACCORD by
transporting over one million dehydrated meal packs to help meet the needs of people stricken by poverty in the Americas
and as a vehicle to reach people outside the churches.
Faith-Based Organizations represent the most viable civil society platform for citizens to engage in dialogue,
advocacy, and social and political mobilization.