About Us
The situation of vulnerable families in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua is somewhat
unique in the humanitarian context in that a combination of factors—such as poverty, violence,
food insecurity, and criminal actvity—create forced displacement rather than the acute impact of a
natural disaster or conflict. Known as “other situations of violence,” the conditions in the northern
triangle and Mexico present what some experts regard as new causes for displacement that expand
protection needs, particularly among the growing number of women and girls and among
unaccompanied and separated children. Those who flee often lack protection and face dire
circumstances, including recruitment into criminal gangs, sexual and gender-based violence, and
murder. In addition we continue to be committed to serving vulnerable and disadvantaged people
in rural areas by providing more meals and vitamins for thousands of children, women and elderly.
Provide disaster preparedness &
Advocate for human rights through
Empower vulnerable communities
assistance, humanitarian aid &
the promotion of freedom of
through capacity building and civil
respond to recovery efforts.
religion, expression, and assembly.
society strengthening.
Our purpose is to provide aid; alleviate the suffering improve the
dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, and communities,
and ferments positive change toward democracy and freedoms.
OAA promotes citizen participation in developing community
Our key distinctive - Our strength is the trust we have earned
over more than
25 years of experience; OAA
has proven
methodologies and tools to provide capacity building and
assistance to vulnerable people and communities through faith-
based local partners. OAA targeted interventions improve the lives
of the poorest and most disadvantaged people; people who
permanently or during crisis do not have the resources to live
active and healthy lives.