Areas of Work: Human Rights; Promote Religious Liberty and
Conscience in the Americas; Identify and Denounce Persecution
Based on Religious Belief and Educate Individuals on Religious
Freedom Issues Affecting the Region.
Advocacy is at the heart of the existence of our organization. OAA brings awareness,
Key Goals
promotes and equips partners on human rights and freedoms issues in the Americas
Region with emphasis in Cuba. As an organization we are dedicated to promoting
freedoms, including religious freedom and the ending of violations in Central America
Assist religious and human
and the Caribbean. We provide resources, education and training to bring awareness,
rights NGOs in promoting
capacity building, and empowerment. We collaborate with civil society grassroots
religious freedom in Central
organizations, activists, victims, religious leaders, government, and with other like-
America and Cuba.
minded stakeholders to inspire the public to “look beneath the surface” and help find a
Engage North American
solution to end discrimination and violations.
faith-based communities to
learn about the situation of
One of OAA’s Key Programs has been advancing Freedom of Religion and Belief in
local FBOs and invite them to
Cuba. Inherent in religious freedom is the right to believe or not believe as one’s
conscience leads, and live out one’s beliefs openly, peacefully, and without fear.
participate in solutions.
Freedom of Religion or belief is an expansive right that includes the freedoms of
Create awareness that will
thought, conscience, expression, association, and assembly. Article 18 of the
empower people who are
Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that: “Everyone shall have the right to
seeking freedoms and greater
freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have
human rights.
or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in
community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in
Conduct comprehensive
worship, observance, practice and teaching”. OAA defends this principal.
analysis of the legal landscape
and mechanisms used to
OAA also encourages greater learning about human rights and democratic values
curtail freedom of religion or
through formal and informal training and activities that engage a cross-section of the
population, among them youth, women and vulnerable groups. Our initiatives leverage
innovative techniques including arts, social media tools, and other interactive
Create and implement
opportunities to promote discussion and collaboration.
strategic outreach and
advocacy plans (SOAPs) to
end the use of discrimination
laws and bureaucratic
measures used to repress the
CSOs, Including the faith
As an organization we feel compelled to help others monitor religious persecution and discrimination in our
region, recommend policies, and develop programs to promote religious freedom.