In-Kind Donations
In-Kind Donations
Areas of Work: Disaster Relief, Assisting Vulnerable
Communities, Droughts, Medical Facilities, At-Risk Children.
OAA’s In-Kind Donations Program plays an important role in assisting
Key Goals
vulnerable communities in Central America and the Caribbean region. During
*Provide victims of natural
the last three years, OAA’s In-Kind Donations Program has shipped more than
disasters with relief supplies.
$5 million in food, hygiene kits, and water filters to at-risk persons. In the
same period, our USAID’s Limited Excess Property Program/in-kind project
* Provide distribution and
contributed an additional
$12 million of medical equipment and tools to
impact reports to in-kind
institutions in more than 10 countries in the Caribbean.
support partners.
*Provide in-kind assistance to
With the support of a network of partners, such as The U.S. Agency for
local partners.
International Development (USAID), University of Miami, medical facilities,
public agencies, and manufacturers, OAA distributes high-quality new and
* Provide tools to increase
used equipment. The supplies include medical and dental equipment to health
productivity and employment.
care institutions, and tools to support vocational training. Donated materials
range from hospital beds, dental equipment, neonatal intensive care units, and
* Improve vulnerable
anesthesia units, to vocational equipment and tools. With our help, Project
community’s local services
Medishare refurbished an entire medical facility in Haiti.
by providing vehicles,
generators, and other
Our partners Feeding the Nations, Matthew
25 Ministries, and Feed my
Starving Children help us provide nutritional food with a long shelf life to
nourish children and their families. Our partners at the Bacardi Foundation
provide water purification tablets to help control the spread of cholera in our communities.
Our In-Kind Donations Program is helping communities throughout the region.