Press Releases and Op-Eds

Opinion: With all eyes on Ukraine, Latin American dictators attack religious freedom

This Op-Ed by Dr. Teo Babun was originally published in the Washington Examiner on March 29, 2022. You can read the original piece by clicking here. While the world’s eyes are fixed on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, repressive regimes closer to the United States, including those of Nicaragua and Venezuela, are using the authoritarian playbook to undermine democracy by silencing […]

Opinion: Cuban religious leaders have been preparing for this moment

This opinion piece by OAA CEO and President Dr. Teo Babun was originally published by the South Florida Sun Sentinel on July 27, 2021. Click here to read the original piece. On July 11, thousands of people from all over Cuba took to the streets to protest the communist leaders’ failure to address economic, social […]

Opinión: La comunidad católica de Cuba se se manifiesta contra la represión. Necesita nuestro apoyo.

Este articulo de opinión, escrito por Teo Babun, CEO y Presidente de OAA, fue publicado originalmente en inglés en el periódico Miami Herald el 26 de mayo de 2021. Como en la mayoría de los otros lugares del mundo, el clero católico en Cuba suele estar ocupado presidiendo rituales y prácticas e instruyendo a los […]

Opinion: Catholic Leaders in Cuba Speak Out Against Repression. They Need Our Support.

This opinion piece by OAA President and CEO Teo Babun was first published in the Miami Herald on May 26, 2021. As in most other places around the world, the Catholic clergy in Cuba are usually busy presiding over rituals and practices that instruct followers in the faith. Parish priests celebrate daily Mass, hear confessions every week, […]

Opinion: On Religious Freedom, Cuba Should Follow Uzbekistan Example

by Teo Babún This Op-Ed was originally published in the Washington Examiner on November 5, 2020. For too long, Cuba’s authoritarian leaders have largely been able to avoid being held accountable for their numerous human rights abuses. For a recent example, look no further than Cuba’selection on Oct. 13 to the UN Human Rights Council, […]

Opinion: Cuba uses the coronavirus crisis to continue to harass, imprison religious leaders

by Teo Babun MAY 27, 2020 06:30 PM     In early March, responsible governments around the world closed borders to protect public health. But not Cuba. Instead, the cash-strapped government proclaimed: Visit Cuba for a safe vacation! By late March, officials reported a rise in COVID-19 infections, predominantly among Italian and Spanish tourists. The […]

Opinion: Cuba stepped up its persecution of people of faith. Will it get worse in 2020?

BY TEO BABUN JANUARY 22, 2020 07:16 PM Evangelicals pray during a church service in Havana, Cuba, in February 2019. RAMON ESPINOSA AP In Cuba last month, a gang of students severely beat a 12-year-old Jewish schoolboy. The school guard had prohibited the boy and his younger brother from entering the building. The two boys […]

Opinion: U.N. unleashes new ally in fight against religious repression in Cuba — finally

BY TEO BABUN NOVEMBER 14, 2019 06:18 PM Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur (UNSR) for Cuba, reports that current laws in Cuba allow the government to prohibit and penalize a broad range of protected religious activities. Large-scale detentions increased in 2016 and 2017, and the government even detained the entire congregation of the […]

Cuba viola el derecho a la libertad de religión y circulación

POR TEO BADUN. 14 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2019 11:43 PM JONATHAN BUTTLE-SMITH UNSPLASH El gobierno de Cuba viola la libertad de religión y circulación ante los ojos del mundo. Una prueba más está en la prohibición de salida del país a una veintena de líderes y/o activistas religiosos sin una causa explícita. La más reciente […]